Where Does Derek Brunson Go From Here?


Let's talk about dark brunson because he looked great. He dominates he submits darren till in the third round. He's now won five in a row. He's tear it up. And in the contextual sense. He has absolutely done enough to earn a title. Shot in fact. I will strongly argue. He is more deserving title. Shot than marvin vittori was when he got the title shot. Robert whitaker is next. Brunson could easily wait for a title shot. He could be a backup. He could be replacement fighter for that fight or he could go ahead and just take another fight. So where does derek brunson go from. Another dominant win. I'll be shocked if he's not at least slotted in as a reserve for the Sonya you would occur rematch when whenever that happens and it's not. It hasn't been book yet. We're all thinking early. Twenty twenty two. I'm sure brunson will be ready by then. I'm sure he's staying in shape. He's aware of the possibility. I know we said on another show recently. That fighters shouldn't take reserve opportunities. But i mean. I think they should if they're only if they're guaranteed show money and win money. It brunson gets that guarantee. I know that's not gonna happen. That's not how the ucf works. I think they might get their show money usually because they show up and they weigh in. So that's the minimum. You should also get your win money. I want that to be a policy in the usa going forward. And that's the case. Brunson one hundred percent. Be ready for that spot. He's he's definitely earned that for me. If he can wait. I wanna see him weight. This ideal situation that sonya and whitaker shah you're february the late and then And then we you know maybe brunson can get in there. I guess it would be may probably may or april which seems like a long time but if you can wait that long. That's how i would do it. I he deserves tell shot he should notify anyone else. Yeah i mean. I think he's absolutely unequivocally in the driver's seat for the next in line. Spot behind whittaker it's oughta sonya whitaker brunson then cannon air in my eyes and if i'm derek brunson like you said there's nothing more you need to do your next fight should be for the belt and you hope that robert whitaker doesn't beat israel ottesen it because then there's going to be a trilogy fight yada yada. Yada canadair needs brunson to solidify title. Shot brunson does not need cannon air to solidify his in my eyes for the sake of check the tapes and all that the ufc will probably make the fight between brunson and cannon air possibly put it on the same card is out of sonya whitaker. So that's why pick.

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