September 11: We Will Never Forget



For years. Now story core has been working with the national september eleventh memorial and museum to record and catalogue the voices. You're about to hear voices that captured the lasting toll of nine eleven. What we know in case you just joining us just after nine. Am that day. United airlines flight one. Seventy five crashed into the south tower of the world trade center. Here's the tape. You see the play coming in from it. Looks like the east side and goes into the building and it was widely captured on video because tv cameras were already trained on the north tower. It had been hit by american airlines flight. Eleven twenty minutes earlier credible pictures. These happened just moments ago and one of the people watching tv. That morning was stacey threatens mom to call me at work she said stacy. How are you watching. Tv the trade centers has been hit. And we were commenting on that. Oh my gosh you know what could we do. We were talking. Maybe they could go give blood. Her mom said or drive up to new york and try to help. It was less than four hours from the dc area where they lived. And where stacy's mom cheryl worked an administrative assistant for the us army and her office was in the pentagon and she said. Stacy i've gotta go and fairly sharp tone to her voice and she hung up the phone on me. I tried to call my mom's office back and nobody answered the phone. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. And my co worker. At the time said the pentagon's been hit stacey coulter sisters and they all met at their parents house. They spent that night calling. Area hospitals trying to find cheryl and he couldn't and late that night her father pulled up alone. He came in the house and everybody else was upstairs. And it was just he. And i and i said dad finder and he just looked at me and he started to cry and he put one hand on either side of the hallway and sinking into his knees and he sustained. She's not coming home. This is it.

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