Lee Habeeb, VP of Content at Salem, Responds to Mayor's Charge He's 'Selfish' About Vaccination


Lee habib is a friend and a colleague he did. I collaborated on one of my books. He's vice president of content at the salem media group he is executive producer. Has a great show our american stories which tells the stories of innovators in the arts and sports and business and education and he got he got cogan and had a really rough experience. He joins us to talk a little bit about it lee. I haven't talked in a while. It was great to catch up with you last night after. I read your piece at newsweek which has gone viral a kovic nineteen patient response to the mayor's charge your selfish about the vaccination. What a ride. You've been on my friend mike. I got covert. My wife got coburn and my daughter got code. But i got it hard. Ultimately had blood clots light pneumonia. Thanks to great medical. Help i was. I was cured. And i'm fine now but while i was laying in the hospital bed recovering my mayor in my little town of oxford. Mississippi got on a national news network and she was asked by the anchor. What about people's personal choice. What about it's my body. It's my life and she said well if patients want to choose not to take the vaccine and be selfish and take up hospital beds. Well then. they're not concerned about the greater good. And i'm thinking i'm laying in a hospital bed and she knows nothing about me or my family so i said i'm going to write a letter to her and my letter was simple. I told her about my life and my family. My mother-in-law lives with us. Mike and she's seventy. We decided that she had four co morbidity. He's she smoked lung problems. We convinced her and every senior. We know to get the vaccine. We're not anti actors and we're not luddites mine. Situation was i took the first shot. And i had a very negative reaction because i'd had a surgery in my heart but it didn't sit well with my doctor told me not to take the second vaccine dose because i had more of a chance of being harmed by the dose than did from

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