A highlight from Dating Advice That Will F*ck You Up

Girls Gotta Eat


Who every day going out to my husband but also someone probably went out and said to we my husband and then they did. It'll happen. You stop looking. But i wanna look welcome back to another episode of girls got to come back a c seventy two degrees. It feels nice it. There's a seven in front of it or six. That's what i said here by nine seven last week somebody somebody said also we've been in a studio use seven six hours. We have been here after four thirty more starting to record you know that i don't like to record after my bedtime sleepytime we've got a lot going on. Listen big things pop it. We haven't talked about this. Huge thing is really doing big things. I'm just that's all. I'm gonna say we've been working on a whole new thing we haven't talked about it. We're not going to talk about it. But i'm just letting you guys now. It's it's hugh johnson huge and it's not just like a new implants or partner chanel collab- we don't have our own flavor deal and that's all i'm going to say and i can't wait till we're gonna tease it every week until the with no details picked all very.

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