Jane Fulton Divulges Her Disaster Dates


Made you write a book about dating light. Why fell actually wish. Some of them were affection. But unfortunately i have been through the mel with dates to be onus. Okinawa started with a conversation with me. My friends about all the canal disaster dates have been on and the the mentioned that date at totally forgot by like all actually to write this down when older can lit back. Have a laugh at myself. And that's literally the conversation we had. So i started writing down my dates and it got to the point where there were so much content that i thought i need to do something with us. I completely agree out absolutely loved it. And even the little tagline that says fetishes funerals flatulence and fingers now mentioned funerals for everyone listening in stats. Somebody's somebody you. Yeah let's explain the funeral and what happened for everyone. Listening hasn't read the book. Why why would she both funeral. So this is One that people were completely shocked by 'em so short by this one myself So may i guy in a bar. Oakland well took my number and to be arranged to go for a walk in the park that weekend during the week a phone call at the blue foam him and he said instead of having the weekend. Let's meet met week if you know your feet today to meet and it was a nice sunny day in glasgow and i thought you know. I love the spontaneity of him. Just calling the blue afternoons thought. Why not and. sometimes. I think when you're gonna put on the sport there's less tank to be nervous. You're like oh this is happening. You're getting ready to figure there Where sometimes when you've got a date it's in a wild. You have that nervous feeling. You know that they'll absolutely so yeah turned up at the park. And he was distracted by as phoolan the whole time. He's looking at it. It kept ringing and he kept a clean in the coal politely. Said you know you can answer your phone. It's absolutely fain. And he said you know what my sister. She's in the park and she's trying to get hold of me. You know i'm like why's your sister in the park. The same park is as and masonry he came out with. My cat died last night. I'm we're here in the park to betteate. And i was saying to his cats funeral witch till this day. I still regret not going to. Because i would love to have seen that the displayed the you

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