‘Respect’ Brings Aretha Franklin's Story to the Big Screen

The Director's Cut


Today's episode takes us behind. The scenes of director lethal tommy's new biographical drama respect. The film follows the remarkable life of the queen of soul aretha franklin from her early days singing in her father's church choir to her journey to find her voice in the midst of the turbulent social and political landscape of nine hundred sixty s america to becoming a legendary international musical superstar in addition to respect ms thomas other direct royal credits. Include episodes of dolly. Parton heartstrings mrs fletcher jessica jones. The walking dead insecure diet land and queens schober following recent screening of the film at the dj theater in new york. Ms thomas spoke of fellow. Director rod blank about filming respect. Listen on their spoiler Conversation liza congratulations. Thank you thank you. I'm saying that as your sister of cinema your former flatmate former golden girl So so thrilled for you and what's to come on this. What a way to begin a career as a film director. And so i guess my first question to you is like what does it feel like being on this side of things now that the film is done and out into the world how do you where are you inside. I feel more tired than i've ever felt in my life. I didn't know that doing the press would be more tiring than actually shooting the film. No one told me that

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