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That was right for her. Tested positive that combat covid dot HHS dot gov carry Swindon Hammer checks The AccuWeather forecast of a stray shower early this evening, breezy overnight with patchy clouds and warm and humid night overall below 70 to 74. Can't rule out a shower tomorrow. Otherwise limited sun warm and hinted the high 86 warm and sticky tomorrow night Low 70 to 74. Another warm, sticky day Saturday with clouds will be dealing with rough surf rip currents, coastal flooding impact in the area as we head through the latter part of the day highs from 78 some coastal areas to 86 inland. Showers and thunderstorms in the area Sunday but steady rain. Maybe even heavy rain could lead to some flooding on the south Shore, south coast, cape and islands and wind gusts up around 70 miles an hour. The cape, especially, uh, portions of the Southern Cape and also heading into the islands. There could be isolated tornadoes and maybe storm surge flooding on Sunday as well. I'm AccuWeather's carry Schwinn Did Hammer WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. Cloudy 79 in Boston. This crushing candy leave you with a crushing sense of boredom. Put some thrills back into your phone with best fiends. The five star rated puzzle game with something new. Every time you play loaded with cute characters to collect and with over 5000 challenging levels to play. This puzzle game is made for people who love puzzle games. Download best means free from the APP store or Google play. That's friends without the our best beans. Hey, best, Steve. Three. File. It means there's a crisp chill in the air. It's time together good for the season's first fire, and the leaves are piling up outside. But along the coast of South Carolina fall is kind of like summer. Only cooler fires are simply for roasting oysters. And the only raking you might do is that a sand trap of one of our many challenging golf courses tap now to discover the joys of fall on the coast of South Carolina or visit? Fallen sc dot com. 10 08 checking Wall Street down losing 67 closing out the day at 34,894 S and P Rose six, the NASDAQ Up 16. Sports Patriots and Eagles for the Pats preseason game number two there in the fourth quarter. Patriots leading the Eagles 35 nothing. Don huff WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. It's nightside with Dan Ray. I'm wbz. Boston radio. Welcome back. This is Jordan Rich. It's our number three of nightside. I'm filling in. Just tonight. Dan returns. Tomorrow at eight P.m.. But we here we've been talking for the last couple of hours about Afghanistan and the, uh, issue the crisis that is ongoing right now. For the next 10 days anyway. How many Americans can can leave safely, how our troops are doing getting them out. And whether or not this whole thing could have been avoided, or at least handled better. I think most people agree they could be one of the things that's interesting before we open up phone lines to any subject, and we will do that. Is the fact that The Taliban. As You may

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