Tyler Reddick, Indianapolis Motor Speedway And Pat Patterson discussed on Tony Katz Weekend


On things that transpired or not. During this race today, only three yellow flags here at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway today the first one was for stage. 11 by Tyler Reddick. The second one Stage two on lap 35 Tyler Reddick wins it then on Latin Morning we had some debris get caught under a rumble strip and that postponed the speed portion of the race for just a little bit. Pat Patterson. After that, these guys would be amazingly well behaved. No, it really has. And I know we all we were trying to cook up some fuel mileage drama here. We couldn't really make that work and the only drama right now that we're looking at is You know if there is some kind of caution flag that we can't see coming at us, you know, they don't bunch this field back up. Larson's got a good enough lead right now that you know, this guy is so good 16 laps out in front of Chase Elliott unless he has some kind of problems, you know, like you said earlier. We're not going to write anybody's name on the trophy yet, but we sure know how to spell his at this point, and you know the story line here that's going to keep being told if this holds up Is that he goes last night wins the Knoxville Nationals rolls back down here to Indianapolis and dominates this And do you start? Jeff Hammond may be looking at the king of the road being a different guy. Last year, we sort of gave that crown to Chase Elliott very well deserved. This year. If this holds up, Kyle Larson,

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