A highlight from Ep 496 | America Is NOT a Racist Country & CRT Is NOT the Answer | Guest: Tim Barton


Is party tom. Welcome to another monday. Episodes chat pray the show studio twenty two year in the mothership. We're flying into the nether regions with kayla and chris over there at the helm what another region. We're gonna fly into today chris. We're gonna talk about what we have to talk about. What i'm biggest elites a little bit. The do as we say not as we do. I want to talk a little bit about afghanistan. Of course the new things that are going on with corona virus and basically all the shows we did last week. I know a fuel which i want to apologize to you. Because i pull some source you send me some stories and i feel like i'm just giving you the same headline over and over and over. It feels that way. But i promise you it's different okay. What is going to be. Their friend just reminded me of today's Obama was in the presidency. But we're talking about the same topics over an overby. His either was like obamacare and obama phones in alabama. Did this and what is going on. It's okay now we have biden care for. Oh he cares long-term care for the now. Tim barton's that is you have to pub- wall builder. We're gonna talk a little bit about some cool stuff. You guys have heard me talk over and over again in reference to the american story tim and of course. We had his dad david barton on few weeks ago. We're going to get in to some stuff with tim. Glad you're here a lot to be here. Thank you thanks for being here. You got some cool stuff over there at the pump. But of course one of my favorite humans on the planet fresh and from the swamp right swamp creature. Right here lisa reynolds. Thank you for sitting in with us. Thank you for hanging out all week long all week. Long it's going to be on. Your legs are on screen and make my gosh. Yeah thank you are. The anti lisa page made me do it. She's four feet tall. I got. I was at the beach this weekend and i got sunburned on the back of my legs. So i'm in pain. She gets underway in the back of. I like to fly kites. Lisa little known piece of trivia about me chris cruise. I liked to fly kites. You're standing with your back now. I've just walking around put sunblock on my legs. That's so i burned on the back of my anyway. Stars and stripes factor in town with them. But it doesn't matter. None of it matters ailment anymore because now the fda has granted full approval for the pfizer kovic. Nineteen vaccines now. I've been telling you guys this for the last few weeks said as soon as the fda approves one of these vaccines it's katie bar. The door everybody. They're going to require everything. I mean nonstop. Can't arrest us all so you flew here yesterday. Yes from dc. You didn't provide any form of vaccine proof or anything correct. I did not that you think the day is coming. The day is absolutely coming. Today's absolutely just go on record. I was listening to various talk radio this morning. And you just something prompted in me. I don't care if you get the vaccine. If you're comfortable getting a vaccine folks go get the vaccine. I don't want anybody getting cove and said you know laying there on a ventilator and writing on a piece of paper because you can't talk. I listed the chat show and he would have thought less of a. I don't want that to happen. Like if you wanna go get the vaccine can get the vaccine. I mean overall. I don't think we trust any government entity anymore. There's like none of them. I don't trust the pharmaceutical companies. But but not only that like it's every other vaccine that we've had out there has been took like twelve thirteen years even more longer to cultivate. Now we're doing you know. Trump operation works record time. And you think it's just going to be safe. Why i'd just had it. I just beat it. I was fine. I i to have i think i had it like i never definitively say i had. Hey listen gregg governor texas. He beat it in four days. He might eighty seven year old cancer surviving mother-in-law who listens sometimes but i won't go there but she survived surprises. She's fine. I mean that's the thing i get. Some people could sit confined. But isn't that like part of nature. Of course there was a friend of hot news. Natalie who's on the show a lot. She she had a friend who passed away last week who was fully vaccinated but apparently had gotten the vaccine while unknowingly positive for covert like. I didn't even realize that was a thing. Are you allowed as you know. This is like an obstacle course right now.

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