A highlight from Becoming Swiss, part five: One form to rule them all

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And i'm simone We're coming to you with another episode where those may be heard in the background. She has just woken up in his squeaking. A little bit. So if you hear. Extremely cute noises say sneezes. That's a cough anyway. And today we're gonna talk about becoming swiss. Yes it's for a miniseries that we have but as part of like four or three or two okay. We don't know so. It's part of a mini series. We have them becoming swiss. And if you're hearing this for the first time then you can go back and look at all the previous episodes attacked so you can follow my whole process of becoming swiss from beginning. Hopefully to end yes. Give us a quick summary. How we how what happened so far. We'll save fifteen in switzerland for more than ten years. Which is out on. You need to be here to apply to become swiss and last year on the ten year anniversary. I started the process off. So you made your test as well. There's quite a few things that you have to today. And in the previous episodes explain all of them in detail. It differs depending on where you live in the country and we're talking about in the city of bern specifically and after swiss citizenship test which you passed all you have to do lots of stuff what we are going to talk about today. Exactly what is that exactly. Yes so fulfilled. All of the preconditions to become swiss and really. That's the kind of warm up work that you have to do. What i did was the handle of these kind of certificates and preconditions in place is. I made an appointment at the becoming swiss office the naturalization of this. She's very loud today. And i went along and said i've got my certificates left on the language exam. I've been here ten years. What next and they said okay. Now you get the form and this is really the form of all forms that you've ever seen in your entire life. Which means how many pages what did you have to do exactly. Yeah so basically they want to know. Where have you lived in switzerland. What jobs have you had. what qualifications do you have. You need to give free. References of three people who live in the same. Gha minder as you a swiss. And what should they do this re people if you give well. They're references basically so they might be contacted to tell the people about about you. I don't know exactly what they're going to ask them yet. Because it hasn't happened yet but they need to be someone who knows you personally. And he's ninety for a long time they will speak on your behalf and say yes. She deserves to become swiss. So obviously you pick like friends or who can you pick. You can't pay k. Direct family direct relative family member and you also apparently conflict your boss because they will be contacted later in the process for something which. I don't know i'm young girls but it can be people you work with or someone who lives in your building. Maybe knows you really well. A friend something. So you pre-prepared them and you say like you might get contacted. Please be nice. Exactly what else. I think the most difficult parts was well. I was quite a few turkey. Things basically had to order not a copy but another original extract as such of my birth certificate from england which was quite difficult during the pandemic because some of the officers were shot and went sending them. But i managed to do it so that was great. I also needed another copy of my postgraduate deployment certificate. Which is also quite difficult to get because of the pandemic but i got know you have to collect various official documents from places and quite often. They want unoriginal. And for every qualification you've had throughout your entire life from school. You need a copy of all of those qualifications all of their certificates and you need to list every job that you've had since you've lived in switzerland so if you've had a few that takes quite a while the books is a very small one you have to be very precise so just to be clear or to be more precise how many forms that you fill out. Or how long did it take. How many pages and so on and so on. How much time did you need all of these. So in the end. I handed in fifty four pages. Five four five four years. But it's not that there are fifty four pages of forms. There's also all of my jesus elbows etc or the still very long form or extremely well. When i handed them in the office i did think quite bereket but it could just be because my exams at various different places. I'd lots of vapor right so all the forms done and then the next step was yes so the thing i wanted to say was also need these kind of certificates to confirm the different places. You've lived in switzerland. Got it like different combined. Yeah with different cantons. I lived in zurich for awhile so i had to get one from that and lots of this yesterday by post. So when you think you've met all the preconditions you go to the office for naturalization and they give you the form and a list of all the things that you need to collect now and it's new things that weren't listed on their website before and they give you a form that you then have to send by post to the place and they send something back to you by priced so all of this takes quite long time. It's kind of administrative work and you can start a process before or when exactly on the day when you've been here. Ten years can make an appointment to the office. And say i'm ready. What do i need to do and they tell you. You can't do it before. Okay as i found out so. We had lots of bits of paper all over our dining room table for a while. When i was collecting various things and trying to gather all the bits and bobs together and it could have done this last year to be honest but it takes. It takes quite a lot of effort and time to get all the bits together anyhow. I finally got all of the bits together. I rang the office again and they said great. Bring it in on. I thought you might be able just send it in post but you have to take it in and this is why when you get there they go through the form with you. Page every page turning over and looking at it in detail and they make little changes with the because the people who are going to assess it want everything to be absolutely perfect. For example i had any written my first name my last name on the front and back of every page but all sat right my middle name. No venture that fifty four times for some very nice. Yeah so got. That's quite good so they help you with everything point so everything is exactly the person in the office. She went through everything and looks at with me and said we should make this more precise or we should change that or in needs to be in this order because she knows that they need it like that because they look at so many different applications has to be exactly right on word nice or it was really nice. Yeah we got a great jazz. Very friendly spent a long time if match literally looking at the form. Asking some questions about where. I'm from very chatty and we also talked a little bit about these swiss citizenship test ten because it has this reputation for being so difficult and she said to me was not now so it wasn't actually that hard you only have to get sixty percent pass ning and in the end. It's it's not. Yes long question but when you only have to get sixty seven. It doesn't matter if you don't know now i remember. We made one episode about we dared. Yeah exactly sega. Check that out if you're planning on doing it. Lincoln shondells hopefully so just sort of bring it to an end. What's happening now is they. Send a confirmation in the post to me to say they've got my application. I have a case. Worker has been assigned to me but because they've had so many applications they said jane expect to hear from us for the next six months six months or right then then. What's going to happen in your. You know though. Getting contact with me. And i think they'll ask me for a few more things. I didn't exactly what it depends. They might I'm not sure and the office. They said they'll look at my application. See whilst they want to know about basically see some more stuff but someone does introduce coming up exactly once. They've got everything. They need people quiz. Then

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