Tonights NBA Draft: Everything You Need to Know

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Mike schmitz. I've been watching. You travel the world. Basically i find him to generation. You've been all over the planet scouting prospect so thank you for coming back to espn daily. Yeah thanks for having me appreciate it. Mike schmitz gets paid to meticulously study every potential nba player on earth for espn look. We're barely a week past the finals. Were moving onto the new season. The draft is happening thursday. And i need a download everything in your brain into my brain. I'm not sure if the hard drive space for that. But i do want to just get a sense. You're very bluntly mike. How good is this class of players as a whole compared to previous years really good like really strong. I think that you know last year there was so much uncertainty right. You had the pandemic whereas this year. It is like rock song by k. cunningham. He'd be the number one. Taking lawsuits draft is going to be more picking this year's draft jalen green. He'd be the number one pick in last year's draft. Evan mobely he'd be the number one pick in las year's drop like we're not exaggerating when we say that this draft actually has three number one caliber prospects and there's depth all throughout so those three number one overall caliber picks. I need sort through the hierarchy among them. Because if you listen to pistons fans right now and maybe just because the internet has this way of making everybody thinks the same thing. Sometimes it does feel like cade. Cunningham is the guy who's jersey you already bought if you're out in detroit so does that sound right to your bind. How why is there. Such little doubt about the guard from oklahoma state. Yeah no doubt in my mind either. And you know we've heard the last couple of days. Okay detroit still doing their due diligence and all that like they're gonna take care cunningham unless there's some type of unforeseen trade that happens or or anything along those lines like case cunningham is going to be the pick and i think he's the clear cut number one

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