Nastia Liukin on How to Win (and Lose) at Work


Hey everyone our guest. Today is not stale lucan. She has gymnastics legend who won five olympic medals in the two thousand eight olympics in beijing including the gold medal. For all around to out her gymnastics career. Nastya has also won four world gold medals and thirty two total international medals since retiring after the two thousand twelve olympic trials. Nastya has not slowed down. She's a gymnastics analyst for nbc sports. She's written a book and has competed on dancing with the stars. Nastya welcome to the show. Thanks for having me be before we start talking about work and your career. We like to start these interviews with our lightning round to get warmed up so quick questions. Quick answers here we go. Are you ready yes. I feel weird like an athlete like are ready to. What was your first job on your resume. It was when i was twelve. I guess basically. Because i shot a commercial for adidas and didn't really know it at the time obviously i got paid for it but at twelve years old. You know my parents took care of all that and yeah little. Did i know that led me to my career today. What is the most recent job on your resume. I guess being broadcaster for nbc. Just got back from the olympic trials. And i'm heading to tokyo in like two weeks so exciting i know. Do you have any hobbies or skills that people don't know about. No i think like all of my talent and everything went to gymnastics now when you think about it not when you were at the height of gymnastics but now vault bars beamer floor. What's your favorite bars. mine to. What is something that most people don't realize about competing in the olympics. I was telling somebody this yesterday. But it's like we don't have an off season so not to compare it to like any other sport of professional sports. But we're still training seven hours a day six days a week in our quote unquote like off season and then non-olympic years competing at world championships national championships. So i think they don't realize how many years i get your entire life. You're basically trading for this moment and that also like speaking of training we get to the olympics like two or so weeks before the competition started. Just to get acclimated time change like all of that and we don't get a single day off until the competitions over so it's a lot it's exhausting. We don't get to see our families.

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