Eric Metaxas' Book on Dietrich Bonhoeffer Is a Warning for Modern American Christians


No matter where i go. People wanna talk to me about the bond hoffer book because they keep saying. This is what is happening today. This book is creepy to read. Because it's happening today. And i thought at some point i should mention that on this program because when i was writing the book i was writing in two thousand and eight. No kidding i thought they're curious things about what happened in germany in the twenties and then ultimately in the thirties that they struck me as oddly familiar. But i thought we're not there yet but sure enough as the decade has passed many things that you see happening in the story of bonn hoffer obviously just history just my book version of what happened back. Then but what i what i say and this is kind of my point is that i believe god called me to write that book to tell that story for us today in other words at the time. I didn't realize this. I was just writing a book to show. This was a heroic christian living in a time when it became increasingly difficult to speak freely increasingly difficult to be any kind of a christian To speak the truth. And i know that the people back then did not listen to the warnings of bonn hoffer. So he's like an old testament prophet and people. They weren't ready for it. They kept saying nine out of your too much of a hothead. Now we can. We need to listen to the government. We need to trust the government and the liberals and the conservatives. Both did the same thing. They did it for different reasons but they refused church. I'm talking about refused to stand up to the government. They had different reasons why some people said oh. We wanna preach the gospel. We don't wanna get political. Well you know what when people are going to their deaths in boxcars. It might be time to speak out against that now. That's seems political. who cares. you're speaking up for what is right. So the parallels that i see today we're not there yet but i honestly believe that if we don't heed the warning of what happened in bonn hoffer time so if you have a copy of the book now might be a good time to reread it. If you don't understand that what happened then is happening now and it will go in the same direction. Every won't be the same thing we might not have you know death camps but the point is who cares how it goes. We just know that when freedom gets canceled. It's only because people who have freedom didn't fight while they had the

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