Prince Rupert and His Poodle


Talk a little bit about how how boy gets on the scene so like we said because of his high social status rupert is being treated better than your garden variety prisoner. And there's a guy an englishman named the earl of arundel who is an old old friend of the family and he says you know what's going to help rupert out here. He might feel a little less less down on himself if he has some company. So i'm going to send him a copy. This was a different time. I hope everybody knows today. That if you send if you give someone a dog as a gift in less you know explicitly. What kind of dog they want. And they've set it then. You're not giving them a gift. You're giving them a responsibility but this this was a different circumstance and The reason i said this guy and then changed it to this. Dog is because even though they named the dog boy she was female and like nole said she is. She was down to ride. She was ride or die for rupert. That was her human. And you can see these accounts of rupert and boy going on hunts together. it's very pixar. You know what i mean. It's very like i act of disney pixar film. So they know that like you would set earlier. They know that this was definitely a working dog hunting dog because their stories about the dog helping them. You know hunt deer of whatnot but this is important because it carries on two boys behavior in war right like that. Those same sets of skills are helping helping. Boy i wanna say but also have to ask do you think. Like how active do you think boy really was is as we'll see. This is kind of a tough question to answer. I don't know. I mean it's like it would take some really specific training to train a poodle To more than retrieve ducks like attack. Go for the throat. But there are all. These would cuts of Prince rupert and boy where he was so he's brand right. Was like so tied to this dog that you knew just from like they're kind of proximity in these images Who we were dealing with.

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