Biden Administration Is Creating a Class of 'Super Citizens' With Illegal Immigrants


This is it. Biden administration, creating two separate America's creating a class of super citizens. Super citizens. People here illegally. No, I didn't say that wrong by the Dubai. This isn't what Where do this with the Biden administration is doing Declaring a class of super citizens, illegal immigrants, they get an education. Covid rules go out the window for them Waltz across the border whenever you want, Meanwhile, tried driving across the border anywhere in the border state and forget your license. And you even though you're an American citizen, watch the hassle. You can put your You know what you need to do. Park your car, Go get an illegal immigrant caravan and just waltz right in and go Get your car, walk across the border again. Pick up your car and drive across it an illegal check, but you'll have no problem at all illegal immigrants. The United States now become super citizens. Whereas you you the regular. You know the working suckers. The people who pay taxes, you know, go to go to church on Sunday Put in a solid eight and five, You know, 300 plus days a year going to work busting your hump. What a bunch of suckers! We're all a bunch of hay seeds. Smell ease. What a bunch of losers! We are now. The U. S government underclass. We are to be treated like sub citizens. While the super citizens illegal immigrants get extra special rights.

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