A highlight from Tennis.com Podcast 8/25/21: New York Times Tennis Writer Christopher Clarey


And we are here with one of the most popular The most thoughtful tennis riders. Any game chris. Cleary one of the few that i follow and one of the ones that i look up to because the questions are always thoughtful relevant on time and you never get the sense that he's trying to hang you. He's just trying to get to know you so chris. Welcome to the show. And i start off by saying thank you for being you over the past seven years one of the guys that sorta welcome each of the tour and you know. Allow me to sort of speak freely which you without your trying to hang me Saw welcome thank. You cannot forever. And i remember catching your eye at the french open. I think by. You'll bullring court number one like you're working with taylor at that time. Right sounds online. Matt now plays what we take. Iraq is against strong but that was the bull ring longtime ago. And that's your eye and you definitely had at twinkle in your eye about being in that setting and making your mark and i guess as l'estrange for me to be on the other end of conversation usually on the one asking all the questions so you can situation what now you'll see how feels like there's been a lot of conversation about interviewing questions and safe spaces to talk and ask questions. What type of questions are off limits. So now you'll get a little bit of the other side. Trust you begun a new spirit tennis. I'm a gentle soul man. I two girls eleven. So i'm a gentle soul so i wanna ask you because you've got a book coming out about. Obviously one of the guys is mentioned as one of the greatest There's an ongoing debate ends about roger federer and so. I'm curious as to all the people you could have written about. We talk about girls right. You could have written about rafa You could have written about novak who. Who's an interesting personality right in multiple size and could've could've made for a very controversial book what you chose. Probably the least controversial of three to write about roger federer. So why why did you decide to write about him in particular. That's a great question. I gotta say that it's a whole bunch of things came together. is timing in the sense. That i think roger's very very close to the end of his career when i started working on this book by decided to do it. I sense after he lost the wimbledon final to novak in two thousand nineteen that the end was approaching. Now that the main body of work for roger was finished said. I never wanted to write the book to earlier with like this really. I don't think that's a service to anybody. But i sense that it was coming to the point where you can really try to sum up. What he's done ball of his process and really get into it. And i had had so much access through the new york times not me and me and my personality. It's the new york times against the door. Open to roger over the years beginning as early as two thousand one and i have interviewed more than twenty times. You know one on one and all parts of the world all kinds of places in all kinds of modes of transport come out. That's what the journalists do they go up the car or the train or the bus and they get the athlete on the move which seems to be the way it works. But i've done a lot of transport interviews with roger over the years in a lot of it down at at emeals. I feel. I felt like i've been doing this a long time. Uncovering tennis since the late eighties at first tournaments were the san diego. Wpa event back in eighty seven. Eighty eight people stephanie. Reagan were playing at that time. So it's just a longtime back and ted tingling great. Wt ambassador and dress designer was still in the players lounge that time row so it was a really different era. But i really I wanted to use this opportunity to look at the sport as a whole and look at sort of a little bit my journey about me but as a little bit of my journey in there as well and the other thing about it is the book even though it's called the master the long run and beautiful game of roger federer. The book is really if you read it about the big three and about this era in men's tennis there's a lot of rough in it is a lot of novak in it and i tried to. I thought it was really important for people who come to this subject. Who maybe know that. Roger federer a little bit or casual fans or sports fans mysterious about a great athlete. They'd be able to understand the key rivalries not from a tax perspective from personality and human perspectives. I really tried to use the book as a way to get inside the origin story of novak and the origin story raf particular and their whole chapters devoted to how they developed into great players. And also because of my my job. I've had really amazing access to novak into russell. Yours too. I mean so. I really wanted to bring all that into one book. Roger is is the threat if you will because his career i think is close to the end. And he's the one night i've worked journalistically. The best now tried to use it that way.

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