A highlight from One Summer (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries - 2021)

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Your that chris. Fall is finally getting. The south carolina started to change fall for greenville show. This weekend is back on the sheet back on this sided weight. Which girl yes. You know the one and so what we did to celebrate was we believe flipped it on over to homer. Movies and mysteries watched a little movie. We call one. Summer which is about summer at the beach are boy k. Owns on this next week is going to be a full movie. Think or probably not aka on my guy k on got that fall we can. I mean we could text find out. I mean you call him right now. No let's do this show. that's fine. that's fine i'll later. I'll ask him about that. Guy's where's fall after you on the scale of how excited you are. I'm so really. I'm at ten. I'm peacful. I am always ready for the weather to be colder and what it is right. Now what did you do a combination of cooler and colder cooler. I did it's all right. I'm here for like until we get the like single digits. I want colder like keep it in the teens but like the colder it can get the better that is that is my philosophy colder the better until we reached ten degrees warmer again so eleven degrees levin year. You're not. This is a rule of thumb based upon my time in saint louis missouri. Where i felt like the days single digits or like zero like my bones actually hurt. Yeah but like in their fifteen twenty dollars like this little kobe. I like it. It's good cold. I stand by my. This is really been a philosophy for me for most of my life. Which is you can always put on. More close be can only get so nick. Try right so naked legally. And that's why i'm pro colts i am. I love a hoodie. I love warm clothes. Like i love. I love a good bundle. Well you're bundled up. Now wait till you get older. What's going to happen. The medium in beg to differ on that who the medium with that. It's all the media all the men and the media the women different story with the media min they can't get a straight because there's a hole in the satellite picture gas. Whoa quick followers satellite pictures. There's a whole from the satellite. It's a picture of assad. It's it's the picture of the satellite is giving us and there's a whole d satellite. It is not. This is a different satellite picture. I'm out so we're talking about how his colt. Yeah is there any like ice. Yeah you know the one. We skate the ice. Skate is actually by the other day. I went down there. It's getting pretty thin getting thin but you know what the flip side of that that water is actually starting to warm up. Well that explains man. You know what we should do mazel swim. How would you describe the world on fire. how about yours same. And that's the way. I like it. Do you ever just find yourself getting bored though. No never you know why why. Hey now and we made it all the way there were ready like tin tin smashmouth uplifting flick. This was the best. Podcast is the tears from my rig for once you and i agree cream new. Aw what i take a nice drink. Drink cream the wall okay. I'll take a nice will limit valley pinot the wall and i mix it with a board and two percent. I rarely know what you're talking about. Love it try. You'll like tears well One sub originally aired mason jaw us the key. None of those glasses. When you swirl it around it should make a nice like deluxe washer. That pre rinse cycle. Yeah that's that's what a good greenlaw sounds like mixed around tracy. Have you tried one choice. I've got let me tell you this. I'm an all-star. I originally october third twenty twenty one. I love you a little something like this. We kicks off with jack and a van with his daughter and track. We find out that they're heading to the town that their mom grew up. She passed away despite flashbacks showing us that jack is on his death. Bet it's kids or not excited about being in this town and this clunker of a house with the mice and the in the in the in the bikes by the by not bad underrated. Now the daughter. And i regret this. Never let's see nora era and the family go to this restaurant and jack meets serge. Roux and the daughter meets. Sarah druze son and luckily apparently is michelle. She goes missing. Mickey yes my k. I mix so nora. So mickey mickey and liam liam who was the boy and she's in him and luckily mason liam meads some sound panel. That's right yeah we we figured that. So jack and sarah drew start talking and he agrees to help her out with some soundproofing for liam liam needs some Sound and he's a carpenter's to this is all going to be another thing he's doing is he's working on fixing the lighthouse and got spoiler. He'll because i don't know if it's going to happen while he's he's you know he says he's going to do it and he makes a deal with nora. They're gonna fix the life house and you know we're going to get a full concert. Not me no you embalm home. Sorry you did a medley. give me one more. give me one more. There's so many more album those two songs on it.

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