NASA's Orion Spacecraft Accommodates Astronauts of All Sizes

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Nasr's orion spacecraft is designed to accommodate astronauts of all sizes. Who may need to spend weeks at a time. In the capsule this is innovation now bringing you. Stories of revolutionary ideas emerging technologies and the people behind the concepts that shape the future. The orion spacecraft features advanced technologies that can sustain the crew during long space travel. Here's sarokin diani. A human systems engineer at nasa johnson space center on the ground engineers and astronauts simulate many of the tasks that will be performed in the crew module evaluating how astronauts interact with displays. Controls seat design sleeping at exercise. Accommodations and more the orion crew will be able to command the ical using three multifunction displays space shuttle crews had to use nearly two thousand switches and controls to command. The call astronauts will sleep in sleeping bags hung in several different places in the cabin to maximize space. There are even armholes so they can use their tablets before they go to sleep. All of these details are planned and tested to be sure that the crew can live and work comfortably and efficiently no matter how long they call the capsule

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