Texans Trading CB Bradley Roby to Saints


Ian report tweets out. The texans are trading bradley roby. to the saints what. The deal is being finalized now. He has suspended week one. But it helps out the saints immensely. What what are they doing. What we get for him they. They want us to believe that they're trying to win. Okay this is called. We're not tanking but we thank you. We're not take it okay. I'm taking the under think about think about their defensive backs they have nothing. They have their defensive. Backfield is horrible will pass. We'll opponent opposing quarterbacks average two hundred eighty yards or more against him this year. yeah okay. he's not the he's not a. He's the greatest veteran who's played pretty good foot his career. He's got great bill. O'brien contract roby out three is in the. He's in the second year of thirty one million dollar deal. Yeah say if we just wrapped port an hour later. This won't even text. it did very rian. you might remember. He said i'm taking that. Hey i got. I got to check. This text may have been the fact that bradley road but he said if it was a texas saying he'd let us know so now that accident. I that that's exactly right and they don't like to do it until it at least is confirmed or close so bradley roby apparently getting

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