Europes Travel Restrictions and the Fate of Aviations Recovery


This summer began on a high note for the aviation industry in the us. Kobe nineteen infections were declining. Dramatically and air travel was rebounding sharply europe even reopened to us tourists. Some analysts saw it as the beginning of a fee shape rebound in air travel but as we head into september. The clouds are back cove is surging again in the us because of the highly. Contagious delta variant. The european union has proposed new restrictions on american travelers and the biden administration stubbornly refuses to let europeans in even though europe now has higher vaccination rates and fewer cove infections than north america as the moody blues would sing has the sunshine. We've been waiting for turn to rain here to discuss this all aviation weeks. Executive editor for commercial aviation jens float. He joins us from frankfurt germany. Also joining us as kevin michael's managing director of aerodynamic advisory and irregular. Aviation we calmness jens. Let's start with you. Tell us what's going on in europe with all these new restrictions it's complicated. That's the kind of the bad news part of it. So the european commission has proposed new restrictions for transatlantic travel given the high infection rate that we see in the us basically. It's saying that all nonessential essential traveled from the us should be stopped. Except if you're vaccinated and that the caveat is important because that obviously means that a lot of people will not be affected by this new mechanism. The other uncertainty in this is of course. European member states have to are in charge of zero and rules so the just proposal and it's not always that they all fall. Follow these proposals.

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