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Of rain much cooler tomorrow the highs seventy right now seventy seven degrees in yori out whether brought to you by howard air where the replace repair call how are the air i'm bob mcfly on arizona's new station keith year your new you heard the headlines since williams in peddling make of the madness now we're going to jump into the eleven o'clock hour ticket look at a story in our own backyard the story of this nine your oh boy that we shot and killed but that's stories changing the lead elevating the charges here we've got the parents of that nine year old phoenix hoyer was sean killed in a home have now been charged with first degree murder allow court documents release just about an hour ago showed officer smelled extensive blood resident in several areas of the home and current owned by the family i statement from the investigating officer also set a significant amount of time and outburst was taken prior to contacting emergency services the the amount of cleaned up evidence could not of been accomplished during the two minute police response time that's how long mom said it took for police to get there documents also said that that that had suffered a gunshot would that was banded with tissue and pat game tape getting would not told police how i got john okay there's a lot going on but the initial story that we were operating under that a two year old got a hold of a loaded firearm on a bed and accidentally shot and killed his nine year old brother appears to at least police are saying it doesn't hold water so joining us right now to make some sense of this tragic madness is kate very own corbin carson who has been working the story sense of first broke on monday and core but i know you had the unfortunate on our of breaking the news that the nine year old died last night soon right and you've been working your source says on this case tell us what you've got thus far well the good kind of the new details that we've we've heard are pretty much where we're on matt the kind of the most interesting thing that were saying from the court documents is the waiting and the and the and the the amount of time that they waited before it's the parents waited before that they call police during that time cleaning up blood.

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