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Doo. Hmm. And marriage, eh? That's right. Mary Wells down Wells. Yeah. Maryanne. Oh, that's unfortunate, But just in case you're just tuning in. We're just passing on the information. The passing of actress Tiny Roberts. No, it was not due to Cove. It Was due to some sort of sudden event while she was walking her dogs on Christmas Eve, and she officially passed away today, or at least a notification was today. When we come back on to be joined on the line By RANDY Economy, you may or may not know he's the senior adviser for recall given 2020 that team trying to get as many signatures as possible to get on the ballot. To recall California Governor Gavin Newsom senior adviser and also a journalist friend, known for many years when I get him on the line and talk to him about his efforts to recall the governor, where they are What the prospects look like and what he's hearing from people on the ground. Is there a groundswell of support? Or is it something which he's having to drum up more support, and we'll get into some of the issues, of course, as it relates to the pandemic of that's obviously at the top of the list, But that's not the only issue an item on the list. So when we come back, we'll be joined online. By RANDY ECONOMY Want to talk about Gavin Newsom? The recall effort And where it stands. As of right now, this is super hyper local Sunday. Um oh, Kelly in for Brian suits. Brian has the night off. I suspect he'll be back next week, So just keep it right here. This is Kate. If I am 6 40, we're live everywhere on the I heart radio app now, Klytus, Tiffany and has the.

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