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He says his mother has never liked her she. She told him that he needed to watch himself around her She calls his wife her his bodyguard. Because she's so big. They dated a couple years before they got married. He vowed to protect her because her ex husband. Here's according to her was abusive. He said he let her control the money early on and she treated him like a king until he asked her about moving to a bigger home because his bachelor pad was old in two small she got mad and said she didn't need he didn't need to spend money on nonsense and their home was fine. He went to his friend. Who worked as a mortgage lender. They found out that the wife is pretty much scammer. She has several credit cards in his name. She's filed for bankruptcy. She has a foreclosure on her. She uses an alias and her credit scores below six hundred so you know they also said that she likes beating up on men and all of this so now the husband is trying to find out what should he do. And why hasn't she been truthful and she wants to. He wants to find out. You know what situation in. Tell them anything about this. So j you started off saying i will say that in order for you to leave the situation so what you need to get you some strong regular rope. It's gotta be growing. I'm enroll glam and tau hook good tight and then wake up wake up. So she'll notice that she's tied up but she gave you will you let me go. Yeah we ain't gonna do a damn thing because utada tight get. You won't get out about that. you're not getting out. Yeah what if i was. Yeah whatever whatever yeah yeah and talk as much as you can and then pack your stuff in little tiny bags and you back on the lever. That is not gonna work out here relationship with a woman. They can pick you up in body slam. You never going to be good. I'm surprised you didn't say duct tape people on the airplane. Jay duct tape all right. Come on what you got. My dream turned into a nightmare man. Hey man i'm just talking to him. Hey man get with jay. Told you don't do none of that. Don't don't tell her. Hey man you need to run get on. You need to run and you need restraining order because you not listen if you wrote in your own letter. This is not a woman to be played with. Okay let me just show you. Would you wrote. Because you didn't hear. Because i know when somebody go because you didn't hear what you wrote. Okay you said you went to the office. And he said he needed to talk to me. Does his co. work from another room so you wouldn't even know him. You know how he no you because he is related to expert. He's happy day of desk. Daryl he tried to talk to you. Happy tamp down. He came in. He said without warning he finds that my wife is a as she put. An expo gives the hospital because he had opened several credit cards. He got in the hospital over credit calls. It wasn't even that date. Just what did they do. You get information on. Kale information got into hospital. All the credit card sprang nick. You wrote this your own warning of and i was in the process of processed information. My friends showed me her credit info and then with a foreclosing of bankruptcy and alien criticize below. Six hundred. you'd seen this. You bet that. Go back home and say hey. What about that co close. What about that bankruptcy. And what about that alien is yo ass kid kill. People bought out the reason why they put people in protective cuff in. Give them the full. They don't bring alias to you. Wrote this get joe ads somewhere else. Latest woman low. She already six one shoe size in your you. White big need to go into protective custody. Happy doing i call. Fbi your wife go kill you got to let it go off what she hit you. People got alias of four close and a bank and then is six one one fourteen men junior. The mother told him she. The mother never liked imam. Afraid of mom afraid of the mom. Apparently she told you know all right junior. Thank you guys. 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