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Law so they could withhold information of course not every single one of those requests was about a person who died in police custody because this information could be for any type of clothes case that did not go through the court process so it just depends on what was requested and the police department can look at each individual request on a case by case basis and make what they feel is the best decision to withhold or to release that information but every single time that one of the request here's the media families anything have said no i don't think that that's a good answer i want to get the attorney general to weigh in on this every single time in the last decade the attorney general has sided with the austin police department said do you think that the apd is keeping information not releasing that because they are wanting to hide some things in some of these cases or do you think it's truly they want to protect the individuals involved it's not really up to me to decide what apd is or isn't doing you know again i think apd is a an outstanding police force and but we do know that this law has been used across the state by other police agencies to possibly cover up wrongdoing or misconduct by officers when here in austin it's standard procedure if someone is shot to death by police that case goes to the grand jury is that standard procedure when there's any kind of a death in police custody.

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