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Coyote while she was out jogging she was at cedar island park seven thirty in the morning on friday with her husband their jogging may come across the bridge on the bridge is what appears to be a chiyoda he like they're running towards the bridge the coyote comes running towards them as it nears her eight leaps up and bites her face uh i just can't even imagine probably thought that they were it was running to attack then i'm just trying to defend the coyote here i don't know why awful why are you the wire or at his house can forwarded just running on the trails i gave you had was plan or something not for her here is mad and being has been watching at the down and not being able to ha i will man who just be careful because coyotes are all over the metro reality them i see them all the time in my backyard oh my gosh like one would you do make where the hell do you live together i'm in the west metro i'm not founder yeah i see them all the time in my backyard so just writing careful little dogs they like little dogs and cats and style homegrown shearer they do is turn o all right ajt super bowl halftime show two phones are hurting my hands of all i will you get you get back upstairs and take those headphones kelkar said hi chris we said high from his police jason wants his hey.

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