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Once they gave up dairy not to mention that. If you're giving a very giving one other food that is. In a lot of unhealthy in all things that are masters food. That is cheese. Right. We've got we've got cheese in the pizza crust. We've got extra cheese and our sandwiches. We've got reporting cheese everywhere, that's actually docs to the reward receptors in the brain just like heroin, and so by cutting out there, you would cut out a lot of the cheese and butter and saturated fat, and and so on so that would make a difference ice cream is a big one that many people. You don't have a weakness force if you just say, okay, I'm going without dairy. Then you might be able to cut out on a lot of these foods and see how you feel right? Check it out. See while you feel do it for six to eight weeks. If you like it, you can continue if you don't like it. I'll give you your money back. So I love the fact that you speak about familiarity and district because these are the two things that I guess as humans we're looking for. We're looking for food that will allow us allows the Sawai of foods that and awarding food set up potentially poisonous. We're looking for foods that are familiar and foods that are tasty. And under this bucket. We have you know, food such as which Suga with unhealthy fats, and and it will protein, and you tune in your book that in excess of those is not good for a body. So could you elaborate on why exactly they're not good for the body as much as we can eliminate these? We we are better off animals when you're eating animals, essentially, the higher up the food chain that you're eating the higher. There's bio concentration of all the toxins that we talked about earlier. So if I'm eating, you know, a cow, for example, you are much more likely to be picking up environmental toxins that were in the soil. Whether it's heavy metals, or arsenic or the pesticides such as Monsanto's roundup in life upset that was sprayed on the fields, which which you know, in the United States these commercial agriculture feed operations gaffer's use corn. And soy why? Because. Gordon soy are cheap. And the sons are subsidized by the government. But that is not even the native food of the animal and on ninety percent of this corn and soy is genetically modified. So that it can be sprayed with these best asides at much higher concentration that you would have been otherwise be able to do. And now the animals are eating that food. So guess what's happening? We'll get where that all the chemicals has been concentrated in the flesh of the animal, which we then consume, and you know, as far as you know, the whole system is is just rampant with. Really manipulation right this greed greed to sell more.

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