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Spot with Adam Copeland on the yes summarizes overstock four five and six sports you're looking at cactus league standings right now as it would be and I'll be here I think he just said he is gonna surprise me said you know the Marlins are six and right down creep through league play Europe forty marvelous thing about this the other day and and and hang on for a minute no no need to jump in here yet what the I think about this the other day we we got a flood of wind like a cactus league grapefruit league championship the United soccer were like the to the I think it's in in the EPL they get like the the FAA Cup champion from the year before them like the the champions league whoever needs to get a couple of the league the the international like Cup tournament team something like that to play championship game before the season starts yes I get a president Cup what it should I think they called the community shield it was like a pre season like sort of pseudo title but doesn't mean anything it would just be kind of fun to see a grapefruit league versus cactus league championship game just to see who takes down the spring training title so is it what you guys that winning like the George Halas trophy you get a bunch of guys who are yeah exactly do what you guys were just cruising to triple a after the game hanging out nine to five in the cast crew takes on Chechen answers Vegas bound sorry this is a different tax we have touch earlier said cope on your your Las Vegas tour guide and that was trying to get me places to stay in to go I've actually spent a lot of time in Vegas is not a a new trip for me but a couple the night clubs I used to go so I was looking at have closed permanently I know that that's a I think it's constantly changing in Las Vegas the bank in the biological used to one of my favorites because they're a it's a big show might pop out perform one time when I was there I was out of my mind I was like well I was I was I was at first I was like there's no way that's big shot I mean I was I had a few was like three o'clock in the morning also one time actually if it was at that same club when I was in college due to my tax return hit my bank account at like three o'clock in the morning after night club we're like we're going to the bar do we're doing it we're just gonna empty the account at the at the bank at the blahs you Dave let's fire up that at the Madison Bumgarner sound bumper yesterday had the outing for the Arizona Diamondbacks in cactus league play we'll try to get you his his line here on exactly what he did yesterday but everybody's been following this thing's been saying he's got the well he did the the Mason Saunders thing broke and I talked to and indie badly about that yesterday so we first brought the evidence to a back bone wasn't like upset he was only screw you you blow my cover he said the first thing was that you guys need to know this is team roping rodeo like he was more upset that people weren't were incorrect about the sport that he was competing in his like if we're going to call me on it make sure you're getting it right what is that I'm doing so Bumgarner yesterday in his outing he started the game two innings one hit one run it was earned he struck out for any given to dinner but that's par for the course of informatics and Bumgarner six outs he gets four of them by way of strike out after the game all anybody wanted to talk about was Mason Saunders there was an accident fire.

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