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There was some interesting stuff with gas last night and again. He'll be guest on the podcast on stupidity next week this week. Stupidity is guess produced by the Shipping Container. Go ahead and check that out scribe. I Rate Review it was it was a lot of fun. It was funny actually listened to it on the on the drive home. Yesterday was <hes> you guys. Were Great. Thank you because I didn't have to do much and that's what's DUPATTA. These all about and gays was great last night. I didn't do much but my timing was terrible. I ordered a meatball parm sub at like seven fifteen and gays was supposed to come on seven seven fifty. It was a little bit late minicamp training camp and so they pushed about the seven twenty at so. I didn't know what to do and no one's home because my wife is up and my kids can't at so the doorbell rang and and I'm talking to Adam case race but no one's home someone's GonNa pay for my dinner new K. Greg Yeah. I'M GONNA get so I I asked dial oatmeal exactly Mike I asked a question. I tried to get this all done before. He finished answering my question I asked him a question that I thought would require a very long answer. Iran's my front door. I gave the Guy I think I gave them like a fifteen to twenty dollar tip because they're just needed to get the sandwich. Get back in there when I got back in their silence silence for like five seconds.

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