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Deported. The parents children are dying in custody. Doubt me. To make matters worse. Border protection has openly attacked to manitain efforts. There's an ongoing case right now of a man who gave basic care to suffering people and had the book thrown at him. I'm talking about Scott Warren, who gave food water and shelter to those in need to those who were seeking asylum in this country. Warren was arrested. And is now facing up to twenty years in jail on charges of harboring and conspiracy. My colleague at the intercept Ryan Devereaux has been following this case, extensively and reporting from the trial in Arizona here is Ryan Devereaux, Scott Warren is humanitarian aid, volunteer who lives and works in a who airs ONA about forty miles north of the US border. He was arrested in January twenty eight teen accused of providing food water and shelter to, to undocumented migrants who had crossed the desert. He was charged with harboring and conspiracy, and if convicted and sentenced to consecutive terms. He faces up to twenty years in prison. His track somebody left on the trail, not yours is yours. Not your. So January seventeenth twenty eighteen nor desk, put out a report detailing, the destruction of thousands of gallons of water in jugs that were left out in areas where migrants are known sti- hours after that happened border patrol setup surveillance on a building known as the foreign that humanitarian aid groups in all who have been using for years. They spotted Scott with two men, who they believe or undocumented pulled together a rating team descend on the barn took them into custody on. That's when Scott was charged. The morning before his trial, Scott. Warren went on democracy now. And here's what he had to say his own words, every day in the border region. Migrants, refugees people who are coming across the border, who are coming to the desert who are suffering, or risk of dying are knocking on people's doors in there in need of water, there need of food, there, Nina basic medical care, in basic necessities, and people all across the border region are continuing to respond by offering these folks glass of water by offering them some rest, or some food, and frankly, I don't see that changing a may twenty-ninth, Scott warrants felony trial started in Tucson, Arizona. He was facing charges of harboring and conspiracy with potential sentence of up to twenty years in prison. It was a dramatic week or so worth of testimony that then led to three days of deliberations jurors were essentially asked to consider one important question above all else. And that was intent. Did Scott in inten- divided the law or did he intend to provide humanitarian aid and after three days of deliberation? The jurors told judge Rainer Collins that they couldn't come to a unanimous conclusion, a mistrial was declared and now were left wondering what's going to happen next the US attorney's office in Arizona has not said, whether they're going to retry the case hearing scheduled for July second. And they said that they will come to a conclusion decision by then. To confront this border crisis. I declared national emergency crisis on the southern border is voter crisis. It is an invasion, you know, say invasion stops, this onslaught this invasion into our country. Obviously this administration has been talking about crisis for quite some time, and when they talk about crisis, they are talking about hordes of undesirable migrants, flooding over the walls, an invasion. I think that most people can can see what's going on there at the same time there is a kind of crisis on the border, and it's been unfolding for decades now as a crisis in which people are directed into the deadliest parts of the border. By design, and they've been dying by the thousands for years and years and years. We save our desert, but this desert right around our town, where we create house, fifty seven bodies Fifty-seven remains of human beings last year fifty seven. Do you find remains in your parks in your golf courses in your neighborhood? Playgrounds. What would that make you feel like beginning in the mid nineteen ninety s under the Clinton administration? The government developed a policy known as prevention through deterrence, the idea of the policy, is that migration flows were at that time..

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