Poland Imposes State of Emergency on Belarus Border


A state of emergency has been declared by poland along its border with belarus. The government in warsaw claims that the belorussian authorities a pushing migrants in poland direction. There's also the added problem of upcoming military exercises led by russia but opposition politicians have pushed back against poland's move saying it's disproportionately tough joining me. Now from warsaw is johanna chin guy. Who's a political journalist for reuters. Good morning jonah. Morning just tell us. What's the situation. So currently poland had been well parts have been in a date of emergency since last thursday at the border right. Now there's a lot of military they're they're continuing to build a border fence And media and ngos are no longer allowed to be in that. Three radius of epa parts of the border. Do we know as a result of the fact that we have a media blackout on this but do not see what's happening. It's difficult to tell for that exact reason because there's no longer media on border her. Most of the time at there was basically ngo that was stationed at part of the border. Where thirty two migrants. Who are stuck. And they were giving daily reports about the situation and now that stopped so it's much more difficult to tell what's going

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