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Number of japan next year the sun abdicating the main guy they will use similize of these things at the ceremony because they are that rare only three people on the planet are allowed to lays eyes on them who i wanna spoken see those thing i would love to see this mysterious to they have them probably not exactly the if you've got something super cool you show it all the time yeah no that's true although i will say there were certain kind of apps early on in the app store thing where i wouldn't tell people where i got them because there's a little bit of if you have something really really cool like you know you kind of just him i was in a party also is joseph smith though beta oh these golden plates that you can't yet angel came and talk to me but you can't talk to him because he's gone now i was at a party and these plates totally weird i was pretty last month in a bunch of people were like it's awesome jogging where'd you get it and i was like oh i don't remember totally remembered but you see what everyone else walking around with googling my jacket thank you so imagine got the ark of the covenant execs arche covenant you got you have a magic mirror look yeah measure if you want to tell everybody where you got it like there enough that would be neat i put that wanted about like a six all those kind of things right it's anyone who claims to have i mean there's there's a there's a temple in the himalayas they claim to have a yeti skeleton oh and they don't let people see it it's that thing let me see all your shit yeah no no i mean like yeah sure i want like how about this give me a week ag get you in getty skeleton dude.

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