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Oh mastery wrapped his remarks saying that apple's board has declared a cash dividend of sixty three cents per share that will be paid out on the fifteen th of february two shareholders of record as of the close of business on the twelfth of february before joining the call over demands streak cook concluded his prepared remarks saying this is an exciting time for apple and with the best lineup of products and services we've ever had and a set of initiatives that show how business can be a force for good in the world we could not be more excited about our future now to the wolves shannon cross him cross research wanted to know what the repatriation of overseas cash would mean for apple mastery said that the recently announced tax reform means more flexibility for the company apple now has the flexibility to deploy the one hundred billion plus it has on hand though at won't say how it plans to deploy heads until the end of the march quarter piper jaffray analyst mike olson had questioned about future apple products which apple ceo tim cooke didn't answer outright though he did sort of answer them olsen wanted to know whether features found an iphone ten would find their way into other devices down the road cook pointed out that when they launched iphone tan the company said it was setting up the next decade that's how they look at it so take that as you well then olsson gave cook a slow underhand bitch on augmented reality wedge the ceo knocked out of the park bernstein research analyst tony sac.

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