FBI, Hainan, AMY discussed on Sean Hannity


When we gave the FBI in general we American Eagle the person behind it thank you for somebody to get back to us which I thought was rather alarming it was still very much seem like they were looking into jail and it was a great big needed phone line for the SP I still has a site soliciting information about the heart crash and the messaging on their includes a warning that tips may not be followed up on ill any was frustrated and when you're putting that kind of Hainan if you're with frankly disgusting because it felt like wow their lives were raised when you were living and now you can still eat your race and when they're not a lot how you react if you found out your sister or friend was investing twenty hours a day in trying to solve a crime that happened in a faraway state involving strangers I ask Amy what people in her life had to say about it and how she knew when it was time to dial back her time in the group and their reaction from the people that I spoke with that were off line when first of all some people hadn't even heard about the case and then I sent the more information about it and they couldn't believe that when something that they had heard about or he had recalled seeing a headline of family grab the request but didn't have all the information but then the people that you know about the case a little more it was a combination of wow this is so wonderful that you doing there and then there were a few people like well why are you doing here but I I would say by and large more people thought wow it's so great that somebody is doing something sluice groups often pop up after an especially grisly crime possibly as a receptacle for all the emotions sparked by tragedy but there's a certain poetic justice to the hearts of more realization on Facebook considering it was chance preferred mode of communication and in recent months we've uncovered another world where she was equally entrenched Dan was an avid video gamer the name of her game of choice ironically enough was oz broken kingdom she played for hours on end while Sir was at work that may explain why divine title Dana to count that is mom's weren't really paying attention to what went on at home Jan was a guild leader which is kind of like being a team captain and she kept meticulous hand written notes of her players moves investigators found pages and pages of.

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