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Game on newstalk eight threo WCCO welcome back for Cinemax great post yesterday in I guess depends how much you follow all the stuff with the post was did I miss the murdering orders that were supposed to come through somewhere in all this stuff who who we missed the net orders that were coming across the border they're going to come and kill us all so think of it this way as much right as we've had in this state in this country between covert nineteen and demonstrations and riots and whatever you wanna call it all that's gone with it we have so far been able to avoid the murdering Hornets I don't know how long it's gonna last I don't know if you hear a buzzing noise in the middle of the night go take cover it's a repellent or something but we were I I I've not done washed next before and have you ever seen you never tell us in your deck or something like that but I'm gonna give you your your best advice you what I did was I put on chest waders long sleeves gloves I have a hat with a net that comes over to the use for hunting because it's good that camouflage and then I had that's free papers a spray can of something rate or something like that he just walked right up to it in the spray and you spray and spray and was once conventionally come falling out in any way she can knock the nest down in eventually get rid of but you decide you cover yourself completely he got a wasp nest within a couple of our house it's not that hard you need to do it because you can't have people outside getting bit by a wasp it's just it's not good please not neighborly we invite guests over so there's a word for the wise tonight we come back Kerry Sutherland went over to different topics himself great afternoon air cond football players day his son part of the national best chef competition now has his own restaurant he's also general manager of a health club which are starting to come back so that's a lot to talk about we will when we come back and forth to the Max sports.

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