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Beyond just blew our minds once again, , her new visual album black is king just came out on Disney plus and everything more. . You guys the movie tells the story of a young king in search of his crown take a look. . Breathtaking backdrops to powerful performances. . Fiance stunning celebration of African. . Tradition and beauty has old business shortage of famous faces but it's the Kata kids who really stole the show. . That is creepy. . Even dedicated the Labor of love to his son Sir and to all the sons and daughters who she calls the keys to the kingdom. . And closed it out with a moving performance that you won't forget anytime soon. . If the academy does not recognize this I'm making a promise here on air? ? I will bubble wrap beyond say Her in a damn box and ship purtzer France with were, , they will recognize her greatness. . Okay because we do not deserve her. . was unbelievable the visuals to the costuming to the story all of it came together. . It was so impactful and I honestly believe that went beyond say put this out. . She honestly was like I'm going to show them because I was snubbed for that. . Oscar last year homecoming didn't get the recognition and deserve. . So I'm gonNA come back with something bigger something batter and make it more global. . This is crazy. . This is. . Real Yeah Scott. . What did you think about it? ? I've never seen so many different shots. . So many different locations I'm GonNa back you up Justin one hundred percent this Oscar worthy. . Yes. . Coming out on the streaming service but if there's ever a time and a year to give an Oscar for something, , it's releasing a streaming on Oldfield's right now big released on streaming services. . So this is Time to Sean thought it was ridiculous <hes> on this. . I would love to get the data from old tattoo on us around the world and the next three months. . See How many lyrics? ? Bodies. . That is a good point I mean to be completely honest with both of you unhappy happy. . I made the show because I made the mistake of starting to watch it before I had to get ready I literally just kept extending the time and I still have forty five minutes to get through. . It just has you hooked I. . mean the Color Schemes, , the costumes as you said Justin I mean that's just fall of it was just so mind blowing and one thing that I was really surprised by she shows so much of her family and when Jay Rolls Up, , I couldn't Jay rolled up when. . I can't I need a minute

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