What It Means to Understand Your Power

RISE Podcast


To recap last week. I talked about the first step in having resilience. Which is this ability to bounce back from hardship to stand back up and go again. What does it mean to be resilient and to be strong and to keep going last week. I talked about the idea that for me. I think the first step is making peace with what is and the way that we make. Peace is through our mindset and the way that we look at things so that's what last week's episode was about. Go dig in and start there but assuming you've already consumed that one this week. I wanna talk about power. I wanna to talk about your personal power from a few different perspectives. Because resilient really is about string and nobody comes into this world resilient you come into this world completely dependent on other people to keep you alive in fact my friend. Tom and i were just talking about this. And it was in tuesday's episodes if you didn't listen to my interview with tom bill. You go check this out. He talks about this idea that humans are the only animal that come into the world with just zero skills and ability to keep themselves alive. Think about a horse horse comes into the world and twenty minutes later. It's walking we come into the world and we can't do anything and if you're designed in such a way we have to presuppose that there's a reason for that yes. We are much more complex than we can think and we can speak and we can do things that animals can't do and so it's easy to think that it takes longer to evolve and become functioning human beings because we have more things to evolve but you could also look at it another way and ask if there's something more at play than just the facts that your wiring more complex maybe what's at play is the reminder that we always have the ability to grow and evolve.

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