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This is. So high. Fox which I think it's hilarious up Fox was turned into a wolf. She's aware Fox. It's weird that they keep her I scar thing and they prominently showcased the eye of Odin around her neck. They sell is trying to make surprise that yeah like we don't know what the hell happened immediately or we automatically know what powers the eye of Odin hands here I feel like that could have been done better but I was so into the monster of the week aspect of this episode like fine. Yeah Oh. Yeah. I just accepted. Where are we going with this? Where will if that's a new creature? Yeah. Cool. They tussle right right and then she flings Dream Boat headfirst into amount of flour sacks because this is eighteen, ninety five and we're in a general student. Like. A. Burlap sack of flour. Magies. Lug that on the subway and they have triple X. written the cross the bags because he's very sexy. Dream Boat picks up one of these big bags of flour and it's fucking wax where Fox across the face. She's like you know what my guns been tossed aside. I'm hanging upside down COUPLA and then backup arrives in where Fox's gone. It's weird that Dream Boat never ever calls for backup like assume that the general store clerk ran off and You See. Dream Boat reading unless you flush the badge and Arkansas assume she's policed right just a crazy person running into a dangerous situation which she is, but she's got a badge and again. Anyway we moved to Santa's tower hold on before I. moved to Sanitize Tower. There's one thing I. Don't know if you picked up on but the backup the shows up is the not goliath glass. This man is well aware that there is a werewolf creature running around New York. City. He says something like this is the third citing this month. We're all just okay with a Werewolf I'm sorry where Fox being in New York City he's kind of like fucking Halloween man Halloween in the city shrew. saw or it's okay it's fine. You know like, wow, that's so crazy. Three times a week. All right. So you were saying dentist toast our. Yeah. So then from there removed his aunt tower. So to look is watching the news and show footage of the where Fox and anchor person and is also pretty okay with the fact that there's a where Fox running around the city reporting live from the reason attack from a mythical beast into. Guess it's Thursday. Like what? Also from the twenty S. Does he know immediately that it's Fox that is where this episode falls short. Is He has a list of plans and we're never sure what like what the fuck is doing. Now I mean it is typical Santos to have nebulous quote unquote plans right in this episode it's pointed you know there's a plan a and plan being a plan see what are your goals here we'll because I kind of like did he give her the necklace specifically to see what the magic powers are and he didn't know what was going to happen because he says later on I don't remember what to tease like it's supposed to bring insight and power or something to the wearer. And why wouldn't you put it on himself or I don't know because they're watching the news and Fox arrives? This is weird and they're like, Hey, later lady we're you been she's like. I was just out walking barefoot in the city because she's barefoot and wearing a trenchcoat the way that naked ladies wear trench coats to go surprise their husbands at the office I mean, do you think that she had plans and then she walked in and said Fuck Owens here so then she was like it's just Go for a walk. Walk GonNA walk in this other room is what my plan was. Multi fuck you Owen see later. because. That's what it looks like because he ashes clearly naked on his trenchcoat and clearly this is deluxe office. Why did she walk through his office if not to fuck in the office and then she saw She looked very uncomfortable but that could be because of Owen. Yeah he not everyone uncomfortable. Bet looks like he's always sweating. Be in the dead of winter outside totally naked that dude looks wet. So I think that this is definitely his office. Walked into. Do the sexy trenchcoat thing saw on was like fuck I need to make an excuse to leave. was out for a walk and walk into your office, and that's a totally normal thing that fiance would do. Thank you very much. Goodbye and I mean this being a children's show. I'm thinking it's supposed to be oh, she needs to go through there in order to get to her room and it's like five hundred, Thousand Square foot building that they're in. This is the only way I can get to where I need to be I'm so embarrassed. Yeah and I'm shoeless point being I'm GONNA say one last time Fox was looking to. Maybe being aware Fox makes her horny get all that energy. GotTa you gotTa, those fucking dog hormones. Fox's. Horny. Robin. Hood that is a good point. He's a very sexy bogged that Fox and Tony. Okay we got to move. Okay so Obviously looks jealous. there. Several Times episode that I think Looks Jealous. Well. Good. fucking. So before we go to the Clock Tower Deluxe Asks Fox, as she's on her way out, you know where you wearing the I she's like, yes, of course I, I never take it off. She leaves in deluxe is to Owen time for plan A. This is the first time you mentioned specifically, he's got a plan. You. Know play one is that let stuff? She's this little bud stuff where Werewolf. ANAL PLAN A for anal sex. Thank you. Something something clock towers the Gargoyles wake up. Yeah. It's not as prolonged. It's a very short wake up seeing, but they do show them waking up. Did you notice it was dark when they were waking up how interesting? Yeah. They didn't show the sunsetting and I know this is an October so that makes me wonder is it time specific? You know not based on the sun in the rotation of the planet will maybe it has its rotation of the planet but the tilt of the planet has no bearing science. Anyway the pros are all very. Very excited about Halloween which I thought was adorable and it makes sense to me that they would enjoy a holiday like Halloween because they don't have to hide. They can just pretend they're in costumes on the other hand have ever gotten to do a Halloween yeah I don't know the time line here I'm assuming it's still the same year and just like maybe seeing TV or maybe I'm sure they'd look Mardi Gras to carnival stuff like anything that has masks thongs they would love to just walk around in a mask and Thong yeah kind of. You imagine gargled trying to wear Thong, the tails and the way man working really funny image. Wise the Taylor does, is it like a thing? You put over the tail I can go all drops designs will work on this. Sells. On Merge Story..

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