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Spin up quickly died down quickly so they don't stay on the ground long however with that said a lot of times a lot of times they're EF zero Z. and EF one so they're weaker tornadoes to right now one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. all three were six seven yeah right about twenty reports from the storm prediction center all North Carolina yesterday all right now no active tornado warnings it is at this point it looks like a flood event northeastern North Carolina and into the Outer Banks it also southeast Virginia we're gonna see some flash flood warnings coming out there maybe even get into southern Maryland around Chesapeake Bay and start to see some heavy rain in southern Delaware to when it comes to damage destruction and carnage it cetera would you say since last Friday up until now less than expected more than expected. damage yes I'd say lesson inspected cal the water rise that's the only thing that's I would say in my opinion has not lived up to expectations everything else forecast track all once we got a hold on it wanted to center the I don't tell you remember back last week when it miss Porter Rico but at that point the center was reorganized and and at that point they readjusted where the center was a hurricane center it developed a new center the center of low pressure at that point the model started picking up and do a better job of making a forecasted that was good the track was good the estimated wind speeds around the center was actually good and intensity forecast we were lacking was with the water rise of the storm surge and that's what causes in most times the worst damage and the most number fidelity's it's inland flooding and a lot of that comes from storm surge if you have a quiet weekend meteorologist ray stated from the weather channel time now for your San.

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