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Started to use cerebral license sort of the way athletes would use growth hormone because it'll importantly improve sleep body similar to growth hormone in fact it has a synergistic effect when you combine it with grow molecules of growth hormone with five. Mls three license. What i'm interested in in really finding out now is whether it can speed up the rate at which powerlifters recover from nervous system fatigue when they blow out their nervous system on max effort days i believe it may may be able to do so better than growth hormone and maybe a new pd for that world and utilized it to overcome anxiety right so why already overcome anxiety using sri. But i've always been interested in other words. The bombs with with the main problem with esser is for people. There are a few problems. One of the main problems is that they cause a lack of sex drive eventually. At high dose due to the serotonin system down regulating the dopamine system remember dopamine keeps reluctant low and this may seem to be another effect. That's hormonal estrogen. We don't know exactly but the point is the sex drive issue limits a lot of people from being able to use it so also what also inspired me was. I noticed that ibew gain you guys have heard of that multiple venus. So i again. I've used many times. I against very interesting it inhibits opiate withdrawal and people. Now i was wondering how does it do that. I've tried it myself. I've noticed after us. I begin for example. If you smoke cigarettes you'll be much less likely to want to smoke them. Dopaminergic things are less attractive. You less likely to cheat on your food. So that was interesting. And then i really looked at all of the papers on. I begin and i found some interesting papers from two thousand seventeen or so showing that i begin potentally up. Regulated growth factors in the brain like brain derived neurotrophic factor same factor that essence rise up regulate for a period of weeks after a flood dose. But only after a flood dose flow. That's why that microdosing -demia flood dose meeting. Heavy dose of i began. Yeah it's they call it a flood dose in the within the game gain world so some people use lower doses of flood bill something like eight hundred milligrams to one thousand two hundred grams very dangerous. Because it's cardiotoxic slots appointments cardiotoxic but it seems to Inhibited withdrawals for for people use. Opiates so i saw this neurogenesis aspect. And i wondered if there was something that could increase neurogenesis really potentally would it also inhibit opiate withdrawals and i. You know. i've always been looking for neurogenic compounds. I came across the river lice and tried it myself. And i noticed it was the most potent activator of growth factors in the brain that i've ever tried in my life so using it for five days in a row you get to a point that it takes about six to seven months with sri. So it's very potent very quick and you can notice these effects surprisingly once i started Using myself in some people following the channel did some opiate addicts used it and totally inhibited. Their withdrawals also without harming their hearts. Like i begin does so that was one of the ways i got into it. I just really used it experimentally. Sometimes i wanna learn about things none as necessarily to help myself but just generally you know and with with aiba gain like did that make you like sick and mike is. I me and my brother had a weird experience with it. But i liked it but it also made throw up a bunch and things like that you rely sonora or i will get i begin again is a horrific experience the first two days i got. That's one of the other reason not to use it because it's psychedelic. But it's saw potent of an activator of shoe many neurotransmitter systems in your brain. That when you take it you can't do anything but lay in bed in sort of like you live within yourself. You have these weird. You can't even you see things but they're not even clear to understand like one of my expenses was a lot of people expensive seeing their own death really freaky kind of and it's not a valuable experience. Not like when you use a mushroom or or lsd or something. This is like you can't really tell what's happening. You lay in bed for a couple of days. You feel very weird and then the neurogenesis hits you just like you realize the for a couple of weeks or something like that. That's interesting because the way. Chris explained i begins me. He's like he's like yeah. It's scrubs old patterns like he. That's what he yeah. The phrase was like scrubs old like habitual patterns that you have I'm guessing that's kind of like what you're talking about there. And that's what cerebral lisin does But in a short amount of time in a way less harsh experience not a shorter amount of time a little bit longer. But the so the bombed i begin as potency raise hearts like when you do the flood. Does you may be surprised to look at your apple. Watch and find. Your heart is one eighty sitting down on both. That's the promise that some people are pro. Some people have genetically predisposed predisposed predispositions toward short or long Cutie intervals and that could make them if they had elevated heart rate for a couple of days in a row get an arrhythmia. So that's the danger. That's the that's why i only use a couple of times at the flood. Those just use lighter doses to experiment with supervisor. Doesn't have that effect. So it's a bit safer in that regard. But what chris is describing exactly how it feels when you have that huge boost in plasticity of your brain.

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