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What he tries to do. He tried to flip it. If your jealous Charles wasn't has a Heisman Trophy Charles Woodson defensive player to you Charles wasn't had the Super Bowl ring. What happened to Charles Woodson when he played against Tom Brady and a playoff game. At foxboro. The bridge. Got burned the ties got cut he got tuck ruled and he was the one who caused the fumble. So he still hasn't forgiven. Tom Brady forgetting away. It's tough to pick up the flag. That's why he's no he's got. Okay. It's okay. To be a little resentment. Okay. This is what I've learned. And I wrote this down we really listen to what we want to hear. If you noticed when you want to find information where can I go to get the information that I want to hear Janna shark will give it to your filter cut down by are you saying minds filtered? Yeah. You filter filter. You gave deck press. Do you think? I care what anybody says he's to interview anybody. Zero zero Hulo timeout. Tim tebow? Yeah. Oh timeout. And he requested that I interview why would he do that? Why would he what's betas Billups? Why would he request Bela's? Come on scale. How much you think? Look here Jade Ryan, I want you to say a D because I was talking. And then you hear you. Why did he requests give he was what because he was comfortable with? Oh. I was the only one who supported him as everybody. I was the only one who's supporting him when nobody else did. And everybody else looked foolish including Shannon. Sharpe..

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