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A wonderful passage and bruce catton's biography a history of the civil war and he talks about the day on a on a presidential yacht in the potomac when you lose grant and phil sheridan and williams sherman and abraham lincoln sat down to confer and he said and remarks that when those four men were finally assembled together to work together the war was decided in principle and you know lincoln like trump went through a lot of people to get the ones you wanted and i have noticed that these appointments get stronger and see i think hr mcmaster is a great guy and i think bolton is better suited than anybody to be national security adviser and that's the only reason he would be better than mcmaster and so i yeah i think it's exciting i think they're going to know what they're doing and i think they're probably going to get along that's always hard to say and you know they madison bolton don't know each other and that but bolton is you know bolton is there's a kind of a foreign policy establishment on both the left and the right i'm thinking classes chattering classes whatever they are and they have reached agreement about some things in the past it didn't always turn out to be fortunate in bolton has often been a rebel against that so i think there'll be some i think he's gonna think like trump about protecting the interests of the united states i and i think he's going to see that our strategic position is difficult and you know lately getting worse and so i think he's gonna understand that he's maneuvering in a situation where we need to be smart and if we are we'll be fine you know and we need to build some more weapons to and as we saw from this last budget deal people need to understand this the last spending bills are just outrageous you know massive and and uh on the other hand that's the kind of game same game that went on in the reagan administration where you couldn't get military increases through the congress without paying for them twice or twice over or more so but you know we we need to.

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