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Two degrees of the K. T. R. H. top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center KTRE today's time twelve all one Russell Westbrook is officially a Houston rocket the point guard was formally introduced at Toyota center and squash any rumors about friction with superstar James harden men Jane's been friends for many many years since I was ten actually we play with each other for for many years in Oklahoma City and to be able to wear something out of it a sacrifice some parts of your game and we will understand them he says he's looking forward to the next chapter of his life with the Houston Rockets with summer in full swing texts is beach goers should be aware it may not be safe to go into the water a new report by environment Texas research and policy center find swimming in polluted Texas beaches can make you sick last year one hundred forty one beaches across the state had water pollution levels that put swimmers at risk of getting sick at least on one occasion last year that's according to the new report earlier this week the city of Houston approve the consent decree with the environmental protection agency to invest two billion dollars in upgrades to the city sewer system to prevent frequent sewage spills the city also currently considering creating incentives to promote the use of green infrastructure such as rain barrels rooftop gardens permeable pavement which capture rain before picks up waste and enters water ways archery Morton newsradio seven forty K. terror H. Harris County sheriff's investigators are still trying to piece together what led to a man hunt in a neighborhood near FM nineteen sixteen Kirk and all a deputy responding to a domestic violence call found himself in a shootout with the suspect was allowed into the front door started to go inside the residence at that point he received fire what we believe from a shot gun inside of a bedroom the suspect shot through the bedroom door.

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