Willard Scott, Legendary TODAY Show Weatherman, Dies at 87

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Willard scott has died at the age of eighty seven. The death of the former today show weatherman was confirmed by al roker. Npr's aren't disciple. Looks back at scott's career. Millions of americans spent the eighties and nineties waking up to willard scott on. Nbc's today he served up a reverent weather forecasts along with his trademark birthday wishes for the nation centenarians purse out hundred four driven longevity. The loving his wife and eating an apple every single day but the longevity of scott's career went beyond the today show he spent a decade hosting the macy's thanksgiving day parade and was a prolific commercial pitchman early in his career. Scott played bozo the clown. He was also the original ronald mcdonald but no matter where they saw him. Tv viewers could depend on willard scott to be good natured and good for a

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