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So their names to us are bogus and scrimp and if you look at the two characters one is a green guy who has a giant bulb and one eye and then the other is a character with who's red and pink in who has multiple arms in has like these two little i things and that is scrimp this blows my mind because if you back that kickstarter and you got those those maquette s and they were listed as original designs at work in star wars canon now the film suddenly they are so words can and you have star wars care more valuable than bitcoin mike and if you've got them they were all signed by phil tippett and john berg when we sent them out they were all signed and so it's great that you can have that piece of history so cool so they're on the chess board and then chewbacca has a bad move and hits the board and then they flicker and they go away and i guess they're lost to history that is that is the story line that a lot of people wondered if anybody would pick up on that because you know how do you insert them into a prequel and explain why they wouldn't then be there in future movies so the the idea is you see chewbacca gets really frustrated yes and he hits the table and they twitch and then they disappear of the story line is they were lost forever after his outburst harrelson becca who's playing he says just holograms yep.

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