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Twenty four seven news on komo news i'm michael preston a crash in lynnwood involving a snohomish county sheriff's deputy the crash happened last night on one hundred and sixty fourth street and sixth avenue near martha lake we don't know what led up to the crash fire department tells us there are no serious injuries shouts of joy coming from tacoma's tiki apartments as victims families find new homes komo's keith eldridge reports everybody's hopefully it is moving day for mary young volunteers helping her move into a lakewood apartment away from the tiki apartments after the new owner evicted the people from all sixty units mary was devastated back then what started as a single issue here has turned into a whole movement the people of the tiki apartment scott the tacoma city council to change the renter's law so they get ninety days notice to move out instead of just twenty it's an issue they want to take to the state legislature this we're not giving up in tacoma keith eldridge komo news to families are still trying to find new places the deadline to move out is the end of june several buildings at the university of washington had to be evacuated thursday night as a man walked into a classroom and played a recording hinting he had a bomb komo's patrick quinn reports according to canvas polices student walked into savery hall this building is near red square and into the classroom teachers and students didn't know who he was or why he was there he was holding a phone recording everything according to police the class didn't hurt a recording coming from the man's jacket that said quote the c four ish charge in quotes and then a countdown amy decker with at the front of the room when the class scrambled to safety the nelson was made that there was a bomb everybody ran out really quickly there was just a narrow door and lots of people pushing to get out and people tripping or falling cambridge police arrested the man soon after on university way northeast and police they have investigated they didn't find a.

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