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Being a certain amount of weight they would let you go to another clinic the eight would pay for it there is the debate that's happening right now the debate that seems to be part of secretary schulkin stepping down is about how far to expand this should we just let any va beneficiary go to a private clinic if that is their preference if even if there isn't a wait time if they just feel like they're going to get better care at a private clinic should they be able to make that choice so that's my short rundown of the va so so the the legislative history of this is there were these scandals under the obama administration where it turned out that basically they had created financial incentives to keep the way time short but some administrators were responding to incentives not by actually keeping the way time short but by fudging the records and so because the records were being fudged it wasn't just that people were needing to wait longer than they wanted to but the care was actually being compromised because there weren't correct statements of how long people have been waiting so so this was a big thing shinseki step down obama brought in bob mcdonald who was a he was an obama appointee but he was a republican not super partisan republican but a executive proctor and gamble who had donated to a lot of republicans in congress over the years a but critically like a administrator of a big company that had a big sort of piece of the healthcare pie but you know like he wasn't a doctor he was a guy who like ran big things so he came in and then bernie sanders and john mccain who critically like john mccain is himself a military veteran and an extensive user va services and mccain reflected what as far as i can tell is the view of most veterans in american certainly must veterans organizations in america which is that they liked the idea of having a special veterans health.

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