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You have to do it. It makes a lot of sense definitely also joining us now with his traditional late cameo. Evan Burchfield Evan how you a man? Oh I'm doing great. How are you? Just great you know yeah, I'm really into this. You know it's thanks season. Yeah. We're talking draft talk now but I do want to give you a chance to get your thoughts in here on this game. Obviously embarrassing but. Yeah who do you blame I guess 'cause we throw the blame around between Dirk. Koetter and the defense. So where do you stand on that one? I mean it's not a popular take but for all but two minutes of that game you know I thought the defense did really well, I even tweeted it and I kind of blame myself because I'm probably Jesus. But I was saying how the Lions have scored twenty one plus in every game this season and at that point, it was a still. Yeah now they knew. At that point it's like it was six sixteen to fourteen You know and it's just it's tough to blame like I'm not. GonNa Blame. Todd. Gurley I mean Brandt. Yeah. He clearly knew the fall down because he tried to at the last second. Well, what was Kudos to the lions was that defender kind of cleaned on and if you watch, he let go like he he didn't like break the tackle like the lions. Defender I forgot who is was but like Oh when girly ended up, you know it's just What I'm tired of is this team. If you'RE GONNA, lose lose, don't do it in like. Dumb ass fashion right to hear about it the rest the normally. Yeah. Yeah. Thank goodness. We play at one o'clock game. This week is that we don't have to hear it. You know. Thursday. Night football like. It's just exhausting and it's like at this point, you can't even be mad because it's you kind of expect it like I'm Kinda like you know what I wanna see if they're capable of doing this again in they did they're always capable. Yeah I it's it's like. The Way I'm looking at. It though is right now it sucks in. We're kind of pissed off in. You know we're all like that's fine but come April. Talking about the difference of pick five. You know or Oh, we beat the lions. So we're pickle. Evan like we're we would regret that right is that safe to say oh. Yeah. We were talking about earlier being the hero. Yeah. He's the hero that preserved the tank so good on you. The forty niners game in the bucks game all over again brass year. Yeah. So I mean they they lost. So now we're one in six. The other argument I would say is for people I mean last game it was kind of natural to kind of get a little more optimistic I guess but everybody still here the only people we got rid of was Dmitrov who had you know he wasn't involving gain planning stuff Indian Quinn who was pretty much doing the press conferences but everybody else is still here in Quin wasn't calling defensive or offensive place he might have been involved in the defensive game plan, but it's not like he was you know do third in twelve runs and stuff right occurs ear. Yeah. So why should we expect this team to like be competent all of a sudden like You know and we're not even halfway there spent three Terrible embarrassing losses at the halfway point this year. Brennan. The bears now this. Plenty of time to make some more memories. Of the potential. Yeah, and I mean to point as I was like coming home I got this bleacher report notification. Falcons collapsed. Yeah it wasn't even that up. It wasn't dad epic. Yeah. We only love by seven. Where have you been all? They've collapsed so many times now that the the suspense just dairy more you know it's like it's like we're just expecting it at this. What we had a ninety nine percent chance to win two games this year that we lost. Yeah I've just been ninety four or whatever we had. That's like child's play. Yeah. We just we just assume they're gonNA blow that lead but. Yeah. I mean this game probably puts the nail in the coffin for Ricky. Morris's chances coaching this team next year. I think people were probably getting a little too optimistic about this team after a victory over a truly bad vikings team. It's probably also GONNA be cleaning house. It's one of those games where it's one of those situations where you have. A new interim head coach comes into the building and takes over your new voice, and then the team rallies not burst game. And you know as they rally, they put on a great performance and you're wondering Oh like could this be a turning point like? No, it's. Likings is the vikings were not salute shell of what they were the past year. This is not the same vikings team that's routinely been disposing of the saints in the playoffs. The past few years like Everson Griffen is in their limbaugh Joseph. DANNEAL HUNTER ISN'T THERE this savior road who was an absolute monster few years ago wasn't really that great last year he's not good. Now he's great in Indianapolis. quarterback in the League right now but. Yeah I mean like come on it's like the Vikings, seem as one of the few teams that are worse than us. They're they're not good. They're Delvin Cook wasn't even playing playing like you should not be staking your like confidence in the same on a whole we the Minnesota Vikings the one in l. year brother. We got up on them well to ask you know not having Alvin Cook huge because Alexander Madison struggled even this week. The lions running backs were tremendous. I know swift ended up scoring but Mall Stat. roughing passer. I'm sure did you guys talk about that? Did it was bogus? It was definitely book that lifted bad taste in my mouth, but then you know, of course, other things happened so. Mike Pereira coming in defending you love his feet like Oh yeah. Like slightly Matt Stafford six inches taller than what the hell do you want him to in Stafford froze to your like he ran up and then just stop I don't know what else you're supposed to do tiny hard enough to play defense in the NFL you're expecting them to like even mentioned he should've hit him lowered but then that's another flag. On him yeah. Like what do you? WanNa draft wasn't even expecting the fog. He was like he just popped up and was ready to get off the field. Am It's just bizarre. That's the problem like, yes they need to protect quarterback Siesta need to protect players from defenseless hits, but it's possible to go too far like we need to flag the. Stuff. That was allowed to happen for too long everyone agrees on that. But now it's like well, we need to have this very specific wording so whether it's a flag or not no, we don't like you can use your eyes to know if something is agreed. You you don't need to have this incredibly detailed six sentence explanation of why something is or isn't roughing the passer like it's something that you just know it when you see it and unfortunately we've gone too far in the other direction..

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