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Your 33 years a recently degnon had happened to be in wisconsin yeah we you know i was up there or the uh the troll wisconsin uh deer hunting expo and it was start out like it was going to be a bad trip or different flight plan had to be cancelled uh snowstorms it was a couple of weeks ago when they were having that huge snowstorm round chicago and several different flight itineraries had to be cancelled so the fifth kia got me too i was able to book a flight my wife said well the bad news is your find out allstars which is an hour and a half from our home in san antonio so i had to get up at like three in the morning leaving four or maybe get up at two and leave at three that's what it was then i got to this the austin airport at five in the morning flew direct the minneapolis rented a car drove two hundred miles over to minneapolis turned in a rental car gotten hotel van went to the hotel took a quick shower put on a fresh or walked into do media 245 in the afternoon media was a three so i made my deadline i've only missed three shows and my 33 your career so i'm pretty adam on making my beards this but uh you know when you have that kind of stress that kind of travel stress a few hours sleep you really worry about the performances but there was a young lady named heather from the pope in young club heather nih chief through for me and she can throw she was a very talented uh assist and all four shows we just three baby aspirin shows where heather took three baby aspirin cost them into the air i took three years behind the back hit him first try all three shows than than the fort show on sunday she threw three mustard seed them we brought up witnesses from the audience i had five spa and we hit two of the three mustered seats the first shot and that's a historic cut stuff entire weekend was first shot which is crazy.

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