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Got down the closer so to speak but uh no he uh he's got a really bright future he's a bigger back he's you know he's got really great treating balance for flagged big robotic guy um you know need a load to bring down nor and those guys have been you know along with our skains have been a nice twothree punching you know provide this a little bit of a change of pace throughout the course of the game but i rushing attack you know what by those five offenses long enough on the other night was the was really efficient um give those guys up front a lot of credit because we've had some guys that you know we lost our starting left guard in the miami game you know we lost our you know the guy that replaced him two weeks ago uh to a seasonending injury and we've we've been chowdhury center for a couple of weeks throughout the year so that was kind of been a uh some new version of how they're on the offense the front so so so they'll be able to put up those type of numbers in you know running the ball was really impressive and you and your quarterback logan woodside is had a very very good year for the for most that might not be familiar with them obviously he he passed red cow ski for the school record and touchdown passes already the alltime leading uh nassar and also in heisman conversation as well you know what can you say about this guy to to those that don't aren't or or really aren't familiar with them yeah he uh he led the country and touchdown passes last year um you know and so officiant so accurate it makes very decisions no he's up over twenty tvs this year are ready in and i went to two interceptions offseasons so they'll he's not a guy that's going to make mistakes and like i said he's very accurate ball uh he's a tremendous player he's a tremendous leader he's a he's the guy that you want and what the ball in his hands late in the game and uh certainly a guy that has the ability to make the.

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