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Las vegas motor speedway i'll tell you that this morning in the fans own i got an opportunity to speak to a lot of the fans without riley autoparts and a lot of them are still searching for their favorite driver and for me i found it a little bit surprising were the third race in of 20 eighteen and i feel like they're still looking for who's going to be there favorite we had a lot of drivers retire last season we have a lot of newcomers in our sport i believe this third race that's what they're looking for they're looking for the stars and can they get to the new stars can they get to victory late can they get the performance that everyone's talking about in the media mark i'm not sure after what we saw at atlanta last week the veterans served notice they are not about to go anywhere anytime soon i think we may see that here again today i had a chance to go out this morning with brett owed on in the toyota camry excess the pace car and got a chance to see what this race track is all about in brett bodine's said look this track is back to the max raissi racetrack that it used to be after the new asphalt its warri and its weather and we have some bumps in terms three and four that are there upsetting some of the cars also down the other end of this pete way and so it has its own character and it's very raissi we saw that in the first two races here this weekend the xfinity series and the campingworld truck series so i'm looking forward to a race today where we see a lot ebb and flow of you start out fast with these tires you're going to be fallen back at the end of the run he save your tires early you'll be going forward and i think that'll make a nice ebb and flow during this event i was like to find the human story leading into a race and i really think it resonates around one particular driver today and that's the guy that led a.

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